How to Help Your Shy Child

How to Help Your Shy Child

Some of us remember what it was like to be the shy child in the classroom. It wasn’t easy then, and it isn’t easy now as you’re watching one of your own children struggling with shyness. What’s important to remember, though, is that shyness is a completely normal behavior that everyone goes through. Certain people… Read more »

What to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

What to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

Bad grades happen. No matter how gifted your child is, chances are there is one test or one class they will do poorly in. However, when bad grades start to become a pattern, then it’s time to sit down and get to the bottom of what’s really going on. If your child is starting to… Read more »

5 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Writing Skills

5 Ways to Develop Your Child's Writing Skills

We write every day. While the majority of us may not be penning the next great novel, we are writing emails, filling out forms, and drafting papers. Even text messaging is considered a form of writing (albeit, a much more casual form). We need writing skills, now more than ever, and that’s why it’s so… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

You may have grown up the bookworm of the family, but that doesn’t mean your child will too. As important as reading is to your child’s growth and education, not every child loves to read. There are, thankfully, a few ways for you to instill a love of reading early on in their lives: Read… Read more »

How Too Much Screen Time Affects Our Children

How Too Much Screen Time Affects Our Children

You sit down in the morning and turn on the TV; you pull out your phone and scroll through your twitter feed; then you whip out your Nintendo Switch and start playing that new Mario game. Before you know it, the clock’s reading 6pm and you haven’t done much of anything except stare at screens… Read more »

Stress Management Tips for Parents

Stress Management Tips

There’s no doubt about it—parenting can be stressful. You’re juggling a full-time job with being a full-time parent, and while your kids are adorable, they do sometimes misbehave! Your anxiety and stress will affect your kids over time, so it’s best to learn and practice simple stress management tips and relaxation exercises. Here are some… Read more »

Benefits of Hands-On Learning

Hands on Learning

How do you keep kids engaged, encourage them to remember what they’ve learned and promote a creative classroom environment? Hands-on learning! Here are some of the benefits of hands-on learning: Hands-on, brains on Hands-on learning engages multiple parts of children’s brains—the right brain through visual and spatial activities, and the left brain through analytic and… Read more »

How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

Healthy School Lunch Essentials

The 2018-19 school year is well underway. For a successful, healthy school year, make sure your children are eating nutritious lunches at school. Here’s how to pack a healthy school lunch: Whole grains are your best friend Want to know how to make kid-approved favorites like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese… Read more »

Three Crucial Health Tips for Back to School

Back to School Health

The new school year has just begun, and it’s the perfect time to focus on your child’s health. Here are some health tips for back to school: Communicate with the school about your child’s health Make sure teachers and administrators are aware of any chronic medical conditions your child might have, like asthma or epilepsy,… Read more »

Top Questions to Ask When Meeting with Your Child’s Teachers

Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Parent-teacher conferences are a great time to connect with your child’s teacher, gauge your child’s progress and address any issues or concerns. It helps to know exactly what to ask, so read on for some of the top questions to ask when meeting with your child’s teachers. May I tell you about my child and… Read more »