3 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Be Active

3 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Be Active

In this day and age, getting and staying active is difficult for anyone. We have all sorts of distractions that keep us glued onto our couches—video games, cellphones, and Netflix, to name a few—and as a result, our health can deteriorate. This is especially so for children who, if they don’t exercise, can be at great risk of obesity, asthma, and other long-term conditions. Thankfully, however, there are a few ways that can help us get our kids active.

Lead by example

If you lecture your children about the importance of physical activity, but then you spend your weekends on the couch, they’re not going to take what you say seriously. Parents should be a role model to their children and lead by example. You can even have your children join you if it’s something they express interest in.

Make it fun

If your kid hates running, then don’t make them run. No matter how good a certain activity is for your child, they’re far less likely to do it if they hate it. Instead, try to find something that they enjoy by experimenting with different sports and activities. You can also spice things up by making it a competition among people in your household. For example, whoever does the most jumping jacks gets a prize.

Don’t assume it has to be a sport

Many parents mistakenly believe that the only way to get their kids active is to get them involved in sports, whether it be a team sport such as soccer or a solo sport such as cross country. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many ways to get active, including something as simple as walking the dog or biking to school. Even just walking around during a commercial break is enough to get your kids moving.

At Steadfast Academy, we encourage all children to participate in outdoor and indoor activities to get them moving. To learn more about our active curriculum – both physical and mental – for children, call us today at 281-991-3999.