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How Kids Can Continue Learning During Summer

Kids Learning in Summer

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy plenty of fun in the sun, but it’s also an important opportunity for kids to continue learning so they’ll be ready for school in the fall. Did you know that teachers spend about four to eight weeks each fall reviewing and reteaching material that kids forgot over… Read more »

Why Children Should Write in Journals

Benefits of Children Writing in Journals

Writing in a journal every day has numerous benefits for kids of all ages. It’s a pressure-free way for them to build skills, explore ideas, work out problems and express themselves. Read on to learn more about why children should write in journals. Writing in journals is an important outlet for feelings and emotions Often,… Read more »

Understanding the Different Styles of Learning

Every child learns at a different pace, but the speed at which they learn isn’t the only factor determining how they absorb and understand new information. There are also several different types of learning styles, and many children excel in one or more of these areas as opposed to the others. Understanding that may help… Read more »

How to Help Your Child Pursue Their Interests

One of the most exciting things about watching your children grow up is discovering alongside them what their interests are. While the majority of their interests will change from one year to the next, especially at a young age, there may be a few they hold on to forever. Some of these interests could even… Read more »

Picking The Perfect Summer Vacation

Summer is almost here – just weeks away, which mean a plan for your family summer vacation will soon be in the works. With so many great locations and attractions throughout the country and the world, it can be a difficult choice when picking just one place to visit with your family. There are a… Read more »

How to Encourage Your Child’s Learning Journey

The majority of US adolescents are on a normal path to a healthy, happy adult life. However, the adolescent years can be challenging and there is always a portion of these young adults that face juvenile delinquency. Alcohol and drug use as well as violence, illegal activity and unprotected sex all exist within this category…. Read more »

Early Childhood Education Beneficial to Development

The benefits to enrolling your child in an early childhood education program are proven and enumerable. Studies show children enrolled in early childhood education achieve better GPAs in education of all levels are more likely to lead a successful life.   Early education encourages a lifetime thirst for knowledge that will stay with the child… Read more »