Why Children Should Write in Journals

Benefits of Children Writing in Journals

Writing in a journal every day has numerous benefits for kids of all ages. It’s a pressure-free way for them to build skills, explore ideas, work out problems and express themselves. Read on to learn more about why children should write in journals.

Writing in journals is an important outlet for feelings and emotions

Often, kids don’t know exactly how to express themselves to the adults in their lives. They also need time and space to process their emotions. Writing in a journal provides a healthy emotional outlet and a way to write down their feelings so that they can later go back and analyze incidents more objectively.

Writing in journals builds self-confidence

It’s important for kids to practice writing that isn’t graded or assessed, so that they can build their confidence and practice spelling and grammar in a pressure-free way. The more kids write, the more confident they’ll feel about their writing, and the better their writing will be.

Writing in journals lets kids explore their interests

A budding scientist might enjoy keeping an experiment journal, and an amateur naturalist might like to have a nature journal. Kids can return to previous entries to review lessons, build on their experiences and see how far they’ve come.

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