Positive Effects of Sport on Children

little league baseballThere are so many sports in today’s world that kids can choose from in order to start participating in. Anything from Little League Baseball to lessons in martial arts and gymnastics is on the table, but some parents might feel that there is no point to their kid playing a sport at such a young age.



Why should your child play a sport when they’re actually too young to perceive and respond to learning any skill at all? There are actually many reasons why kids should play sports, and the benefits that come along with them are a tremendous reward as well.



Playing a sport will have a very positive effect on your child’s physical health. The benefits include a decreased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even some types of cancer. It is recommended that children should get at least one hour of physical activity a day, especially for the reasons listed above.



Another benefit is that it positively effects your kid’s mood and mental health. You might be wondering how this actually happens, but any type of physical activity actually triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, which are chemicals that boost mood and help prevent and relieve depression.

Furthermore, with this effect on mood and mental health, your child’s self-esteem is also effected by sport. With an increase in confidence, the ceiling for further growth and skill potential in the sport grows as well. Finally, kids will benefit the most from the positive social effects of sport. The lessons of hard work and discipline learned through sport will translate over into the classroom where kids will earn better grades.



Also, they will develop better social skills as well because there is a great chance that your child’s teammates will also be classmates in school or friendly faces within the neighborhood that they can develop friendships with.