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Why Children Should Write in Journals

Benefits of Children Writing in Journals

Writing in a journal every day has numerous benefits for kids of all ages. It’s a pressure-free way for them to build skills, explore ideas, work out problems and express themselves. Read on to learn more about why children should write in journals. Writing in journals is an important outlet for feelings and emotions Often,… Read more »

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Children are naturally curious and creative. Making art is quite instinctive for kids, and a good early childhood program will nurture children’s artistic inclinations. Did you know that in addition to being lots of fun, art is important to your child’s healthy development? Read on to find out why. It builds fine motor skills Various… Read more »

How to Encourage Positive Growth in your Child

It’s every involved parent’s dream to raise a child who will succeed in life. But to build success throughout life, a child must have a stable and reliable foundation. A foundation built from curiosity, intellect and social skills. Encouraging this foundation, there are steps as a parent you can take. To encourage intellect and curiosity… Read more »