Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Children are naturally curious and creative. Making art is quite instinctive for kids, and a good early childhood program will nurture children’s artistic inclinations. Did you know that in addition to being lots of fun, art is important to your child’s healthy development? Read on to find out why.

It builds fine motor skills

Various art-making tasks, such as holding a paintbrush or crayon, are important for developing your child’s fine motor skills. Another example is safety scissors – using these common art tools requires similar fine motor skills to writing.

It instills math skills

You may not immediately think that math has much to do with art, but artistic activities lay the foundations for future math success. Art familiarizes kids with relevant math concepts including sizes, shapes, comparing different objects, counting and spatial reasoning.

It boosts self-confidence

Especially when their teachers and parents praise their creations, making art makes children feel good about themselves.

It teaches them to learn from mistakes

Sometimes, a particular color or tool turns out not to produce the effect your child desires. When that happens, your child is learning from his or her mistakes and try different approaches.

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