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Improving Your Son or Daughter’s Social Skills

Introducing your child to a group setting is a great way to improve their social skills. At the Children’s Enchanted Learning Center, your child will be immersed in a stimulating environment to enhance his or her emotional, social and intellectual development. With a hands-on approach to learning, you can trust that your child will receive… Read more »

Have a More Enriching Experience With Extracurriculars

Do you want your child to be actively involved with other children their age? Do you want them to have unique academic and social experiences while they are still young? By participating in extracurricular activities, your child or children can gain an access to knowledge that is not necessarily taught during the school day, including… Read more »

How To Help Your Children Make Friends This Summer

The summer is a great time for children to make new friends. With more time on their hands and tons of available activities, children can easily be brought together to find and build lasting friendships. As you enter into this season of opportunity, you should have a conversation with your child about friendship. Talk to… Read more »