High-Quality Early Learning and Child Care in Pasadena, TX

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an unwavering foundation that instills children with the cognitive, emotional, and social skills to grow in and outside of the classroom. We recognize our staff as teachers who educate and grow alongside the children of Steadfast Academy. We are devoted to providing excellence in education and care for every family that passes through our doors.


Offering early education, extended care and childcare, Steadfast Academy provides a stimulating environment with a “hands-on” developmental approach to learning. To enhance each child’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development, we offer each child a variety of experiences.

We provide a comfortable atmosphere where each child feels safe and secure. We fill our center with developmentally appropriate materials and activities so each child can experience success and enhance the development of a positive self-image.

We facilitate each child’s natural development in a multidimensional environment allowing children to make decisions and discoveries on their own. This is fundamental for their learning and making sense of the world around them.

Security Features

Steadfast Academy is equipped with various measures of security features. Each authorized family member will be assigned their own unique access code to enable them to enter the facility. Once in the facility, each family member must use the provided Biometric Fingerprint Scanner to identify the individual, while simultaneously checking in or out your child. While on the premises, there are multiple security cameras located inside and outside the facility.

Our Staff

Steadfast Academy takes the time to effectively develop relationships with each potential employee to determine the best fit for staff and Steadfast Academy’s mission. This allows us to employ exceptional employees, that have the passion to educate and assist in the developmental growth of young children. All employees at minimum meet, but often exceed, Texas Licensing standards for childcare providers. Steadfast Academy invests in the growth of all staff by providing CPR, First- Aid, and professional development training hours each year.