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How to Address Perfectionism in Your Kids

How to Address Perfectionism in Your Kids

Perfectionism sounds like a good trait for kids to have. After all, who doesn’t strive for perfection? In reality, though, nobody is perfect, and making our kids believe that they must be so can create a paralyzing fear of failure. Instead, it is much healthier to teach our kids that it’s OK to make mistakes,… Read more »

4 Essential Life Skills to Teach Your Kids at a Young Age

4 Essential Life Skils to Teach Your Kids While They're Young

When your kids are making that awkward, anxiety-inducing leap into adulthood, the life skills that they learned while they were young will help them make it through mostly unscathed. Decision-making skills, time management, and even learning how to place food orders will come in handy both now and into the future.    So, don’t wait. Get… Read more »

How to Help Your Shy Child

How to Help Your Shy Child

Some of us remember what it was like to be the shy child in the classroom. It wasn’t easy then, and it isn’t easy now as you’re watching one of your own children struggling with shyness. What’s important to remember, though, is that shyness is a completely normal behavior that everyone goes through. Certain people… Read more »

5 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Writing Skills

5 Ways to Develop Your Child's Writing Skills

We write every day. While the majority of us may not be penning the next great novel, we are writing emails, filling out forms, and drafting papers. Even text messaging is considered a form of writing (albeit, a much more casual form). We need writing skills, now more than ever, and that’s why it’s so… Read more »

Benefits of Hands-On Learning

Hands on Learning

How do you keep kids engaged, encourage them to remember what they’ve learned and promote a creative classroom environment? Hands-on learning! Here are some of the benefits of hands-on learning: Hands-on, brains on Hands-on learning engages multiple parts of children’s brains—the right brain through visual and spatial activities, and the left brain through analytic and… Read more »

How Kids Can Continue Learning During Summer

Kids Learning in Summer

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy plenty of fun in the sun, but it’s also an important opportunity for kids to continue learning so they’ll be ready for school in the fall. Did you know that teachers spend about four to eight weeks each fall reviewing and reteaching material that kids forgot over… Read more »

Why Children Should Write in Journals

Benefits of Children Writing in Journals

Writing in a journal every day has numerous benefits for kids of all ages. It’s a pressure-free way for them to build skills, explore ideas, work out problems and express themselves. Read on to learn more about why children should write in journals. Writing in journals is an important outlet for feelings and emotions Often,… Read more »

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Children are naturally curious and creative. Making art is quite instinctive for kids, and a good early childhood program will nurture children’s artistic inclinations. Did you know that in addition to being lots of fun, art is important to your child’s healthy development? Read on to find out why. It builds fine motor skills Various… Read more »

Benefits of Pretend Play

Benefits of Pretend Play

Children love to play make-believe. Whether they’re pretending to be astronauts, kings and queens, sports stars or just plain grownups, children’s imaginations fire up when they pretend to be someone else. Pretend play isn’t just fun – it’s also a critical component of children’s development. Read on to learn more about the benefits of pretend… Read more »