How to Encourage Learning at Home

How to Encourage Learning at Home

Learning doesn’t just happen at school. Children that have a positive educational environment at home are normally the best prepared (and excited) when they enter or return to school in the fall. Here are some of the ways you can turn your home into a well-rounded learning experience for your child:

Set a good example

Young children are naturally inquisitive. Foster their love of learning by setting a good example. Instead of watching prime time television together, watch a documentary. If your child is old enough to read, encourage them to read to you each night. The more knowledge a child has access to at home, the better prepared they will be for learning at school.

Find a lesson in every activity

Did you know that you can turn daily activities into a learning opportunity? Even the most mundane activities can teach a lesson. For example, sorting the laundry is a way to teach categorization and matching. Wash the dishes together and have your child count each different type of utensil to help them learn numbers and improve their memory.

Encourage playtime

Playtime is another chance for children to learn at home. Movies and video games are a passive way to spend time, requiring little to no interaction. Imaginative play like dress up or participating in sports can teach skills from communication to coordination. Letting your child control playtime, to an extent, lets them learn problem solving and leadership.

Answer their questions

Children ask a lot of questions and at times it can get frustrating. But ignoring questions cuts off an opportunity for your child to learn something new. It can also cause children to stop asking questions all together and increase their chances of misunderstanding information. When your child asks you a question, answering it and further explaining the answer is always a lesson that can help in the future.

Being a positive role model and encouraging learning is the first step in the right direction. To further your child’s education, consider enrolling them at Steadfast Academy. Contact us today to schedule a tour!