Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Importance of Art in Childhood Development

Children are naturally curious and creative. Making art is quite instinctive for kids, and a good early childhood program will nurture children’s artistic inclinations. Did you know that in addition to being lots of fun, art is important to your child’s healthy development? Read on to find out why. It builds fine motor skills Various… Read more »

Benefits of Pretend Play

Benefits of Pretend Play

Children love to play make-believe. Whether they’re pretending to be astronauts, kings and queens, sports stars or just plain grownups, children’s imaginations fire up when they pretend to be someone else. Pretend play isn’t just fun – it’s also a critical component of children’s development. Read on to learn more about the benefits of pretend… Read more »

No Bullying at Steadfast Academy

We are already a month into 2017 with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays behind us and Spring on the way! I am feeling rested and ready to greet this New Year with growth and perseverance to our commitment to excellence at Children’s Enchanted Learning Center.  As our staff settles into their roles and… Read more »


There are so many times we need to hit the pause button as we are parenting for our own self-care and the care of our family. As we near the Holidays this becomes more and more apparent. Many parents and caregivers become consumed by the ever-growing needs of their children and forget about their own…. Read more »

Reinforcement and Lessons for Raising Responsible Children

Every parent wants to raise responsible children who feel loved, capable and comfortable. There is plenty of parenting advice out there about how to make sure that your kids grow into responsible adults, but at the Steadfast Academy, we think it’s much simpler than complicated parenting techniques. If you stick to reinforcing certain things, you’ll… Read more »

Getting Kids Active at a Young Age

With all of the gadgets that our kids have access to these days, it can be hard to get them to look away from the screen and spend some time outside running around like we used to do when we were kids. It’s incredibly important for kids to learn good habits and stay active, however… Read more »

Leap to the Occasion – Leap Year Fun

It takes the Earth about 365.242189 days – or 365 days, five hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds — to circle once around the sun. However, the Gregorian calendar only has 365 days in a year, so we add a leap day Feb. 29 every four years. If we didn’t, we would lose almost six… Read more »

Tune Out the Screen, Tune in With Your Kids

It might seem impossible to get to all of the checkmarks on your to-do list. As a parent, turning on the TV or bringing out the tablet or video games might not seem like a bad idea to get a few extra minutes to get things done with. Too much screen time, however, takes away those… Read more »