How You Can Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Preschool Prep

The day has arrived—you’re about to send your child off to preschool. At Children’s Enchanted Learning Center, we know that the time can be both exciting and scary for parents. To many, it meanstheir child is off on their own for the first time ever, and his or her education has finally begun.

But actually, there are a few things you should teach your child before they arrive at preschool. Here are a few tips to prepare them for the opportunities ahead!

Set a schedule

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that you don’t want your child experiencing many things for the first time on that first day of preschool. This could potentially disorient them, and cause them to panic. With that being said, before preschool begins, start to establish a schedule with your children. Have a morning routine, a nighttime routine, and a set time for certain activities. That way, they’ll be ready for when the teacher says “play time!”

Assign chores

It’s safe to say that your child’s preschool teacher will delegate roles and assignments out to children once the school year begins. This teaches responsibility, work ethic, and respect for others, so make sure that your child is prepared to do a chore, or two. At home, give your child small tasks, appropriate for their age, in order to prepare them for being asked to do the same by the teacher. They’ll be happy to help! (And make time for reading, too!)

Visit the school

That first day of preschool can be scary for a child. It may be the first time that the mother or father has left the child alone for hours, and the school itself may seem scary. To try to avoid that fear, take your child to their school for a quick tour before the year starts, so they familiarize themselves with the setting. That way, the first day is really the second or third time they’ve been there.

Once you’ve familiarized your child with the thought of preschool, be sure to enroll your child at the Children’s Enchanted Learning Center, where each day is a new educational adventure. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today by calling 281-991-3999!