Advent Calendars and Other Holiday Home Activities

As we begin the countdown to the Christmas holiday, many families are trying to think of fun activities to keep their children engaged in the holiday spirit at home. Advent calendars are a common option for many, and while the countdown officially began Nov. 29, there’s still time to join in. Get creative and design… Read more »

Make Snow a Learning Experience

Despite hearing about it in the news, many people here in Texas have never experienced snow in their lifetimes. Even though you don’t see it doesn’t here, that doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t learn about it. Here are a few fun activities to do with young kids to teach them about frozen precipitation. Winter Bulletin… Read more »

Educational and Fun Travel Games and Activities

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes a hefty to-do list – cook the food, clean the house for the guests, and pack suitcases for long trips. In addition to completing these necessary tasks, though, there is one other element to think about: the kids are going to need something to… Read more »

Coloring with Your Kids

Put that iPad away for a few minutes, and take out a pad of paper and some crayons! Did you know that your kids could benefit greatly from spending a few minutes per day coloring rather than watching TV? Coloring can help your kids develop their fine motor skills, especially when they are very young… Read more »

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Season with Your Children

As the weather cools down here in Pasadena, Texas, there are so many enjoyable fall activities and crafts you can do with your children. Decorate your home for Thanksgiving together or head to a nearby orchard to pick some apples. Teach your children about the changing seasons and learn more about holiday traditions together for… Read more »

Encourage Your Children to Read

A love of reading has so many benefits. Not only is reading an enjoyable escape into the world of imagination, but it also helps to teach logical thinking skills and improve one’s vocabulary. Books can teach your children so many things and a love of reading will allow them to continue learning throughout their life…. Read more »

Understanding the Different Styles of Learning

Every child learns at a different pace, but the speed at which they learn isn’t the only factor determining how they absorb and understand new information. There are also several different types of learning styles, and many children excel in one or more of these areas as opposed to the others. Understanding that may help… Read more »

How to Help Your Child Pursue Their Interests

One of the most exciting things about watching your children grow up is discovering alongside them what their interests are. While the majority of their interests will change from one year to the next, especially at a young age, there may be a few they hold on to forever. Some of these interests could even… Read more »

How to Encourage Positive Growth in your Child

It’s every involved parent’s dream to raise a child who will succeed in life. But to build success throughout life, a child must have a stable and reliable foundation. A foundation built from curiosity, intellect and social skills. Encouraging this foundation, there are steps as a parent you can take. To encourage intellect and curiosity… Read more »