The Power of Positive Reinforcement for Children

Positive reinforcement can be a great tool in any parent’s toolbox. Instead of scolding bad behavior, positive reinforcement encourages good behavior which is less damaging to a child’s confidence and conduct. As humans we yearn for a feeling of approval from our friends, family and peers. Children, especially, want the approval and accolades of their… Read more »

Reading to your Children: Much more than Reciting Words

Reading bedtime stories to preschoolers is fundamental to childhood literacy development. Simply sitting down for 20 minutes every night will make a world of difference in a child’s intellect and learning ability. But it may take more than nightly reading to foster a child’s future reading success, research is now suggesting.   Advances in studies… Read more »

It’s Never too Early to Encourage Socialization, Intelligence

We all want to encourage intelligence in our child. And knowing how to introduce this element of the inquisitive mind is crucial to a consistency of scholastics.   First and foremost, interacting with your child almost as an equal- intellectually, not behaviorally- encourages them to act more mature. This not only encourages brain growth, but… Read more »

Let Your Child Decide Interests on Their Own

We’ve all seen that parent- the one who makes sure their child is in the school orchestra, the student counsel and captain of the tennis club all while looking over the kid’s shoulder. We all want to raise our children to be the best they can be. But how do we do this without being… Read more »

Better Communicate with your Child to Encourage Success

Communication skills are fundamental to success in the real world. Encouraging these skills in your child allows them throughout their life to interact with and listen to other people in school, their profession and in social settings.     To perpetuate your child’s communication and listening skills, make an effort each day to engage in… Read more »

The Things Children Pick up From Their Siblings

A lot of learning goes on at home, in addition to at school. Children’s parents and teachers can help teach them to read, write, listen and more. But its their siblings who can teach basic skills beyond scholastics they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.   For starters, growing up with brothers and… Read more »

WInter Fun for Children

It’s that time of year again. After school, on the weekends and during breaks children are home and unable to spend time outside playing, learning and exerting energy. In living rooms and bedrooms children and parents have to find new activities to do. It’s crucial however that these activities not only entertain a child, but… Read more »

The Numerous Upsides to Your Child Learning an Instrument

Encouraging your child to learn an instrument is very beneficial to so much more than just being a well-rounded individual. Of course it’s great to know how to play a musical instrument and to pick up a life skill your child will carry with them the rest of their life. But there is so many… Read more »

Why Youth Sports are Very Important

Youth sports don’t just promote teamwork and develop athletic ability they also improve hand-eye coordination. For example, playing basketball from a young age forces children to hone their hand-eye coordination skills. These skills are used in every aspect of the game: passing, shooting and dribbling. The better an athlete wants to be, the more they… Read more »