Celebrate the Holidays With These Themed Activities

Looking for new and creative ways to keep your kids engaged in the holidays during this season? Here are some fun activity ideas that can help you get in the seasonal spirit and reinforce important holiday lessons with your children this month.

Serving Others

Celebrate the Holidays With These Themed Activities Teach your children the true meaning of the holidays by incorporating some activities into your schedule that show your kids the value in that purposefully serving others. These activities can include donating toys to underprivileged families, volunteering to help spread cheer at an assisted living home or writing letters to troops overseas. Highlight the meaning of the season with these selfless acts.

Importance of Family

Remind your children of the importance of family during the holidays by incorporating a variety of at-home family activities into your regular calendar. These don’t have to be major gatherings or occasions, and can include simple things like reading traditional holiday stories together, watching holiday movies, decorating the house with creative crafts or baking cookies together. The more activities you plan with the family, the more your children will feel the love this holiday season.

Channel the Winter Mood

Remember to add some activities that allow you to get outside and get moving. While wintery outings like sledding, ice skating and building snowmen aren’t an option here in Texas, you can play outdoor games like themed tag where you have to name a reindeer or Christmas character when you tap someone or a present hunt that could get your kids excited to explore.

However you choose to celebrate the season, there are plenty of options to keep your children entertained and engaged at home. We also provide a range of activities for kids at Steadfast Academy, keeping your children learning and occupied while you shop for gifts or clean the house for family get-togethers. For more information on our programs and curriculum, call us today at 281-991-3999.