Make Snow a Learning Experience

WinterDespite hearing about it in the news, many people here in Texas have never experienced snow in their lifetimes. Even though you don’t see it doesn’t here, that doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t learn about it. Here are a few fun activities to do with young kids to teach them about frozen precipitation.

Winter Bulletin Board

Have each student create a snowman from paper and have children paint their creations using a mixture of water and Epsom salts, which will give the paper a wintry look. After that, have them take chalk and draw snowflakes on a blue poster board and stick their snowmen to it. The final result will give the students an idea of what snow looks like and some of the fun for people who experience it.

Simulate Ice Skating

Give each student two pieces of wax paper. Have them place one foot on each piece. Then slowly have them glide their feet along the floor to give them the illusion that they’re ice skating. It is a fun way to simulate an activity many of them haven’t experienced before.

Winter Crossword

Design a simple crossword puzzle to help teach the students the verbiage associated with the winter weather. Words like “snowflake,” “flurries” and “blizzard” can help to expand their vocabulary and teach them more about the world around them.

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