New Year and New Experiences

With 2016 almost here, it’s that time when many start to think about enrolling their children in early education, extended care or child care at the Children’s Enchanted Learning Center for classes that begin in the new year!

2016 Child EducationThe educational programs that we offer will greatly benefit your child as they learn and grow. We offer a stimulating environment that gives every child a comfortable atmosphere in which they are encouraged to experiment and develop. We believe that children learn best by interacting with their environment and the other people around them, so we foster a space that promotes curiosity, creativity and child-initiated play.

Our learning center offers a wide range of programs, from infant and toddler day care to preschool and kindercare, as well as afterschool care. Each of these programs provides a hands-on development approach to learning, in which your child will be encouraged and cared for.

We also offer a number of fun and educational extracurricular activities for students who are old enough to participate, including Spanish lessons, dance lessons, Tumble Bus and tot ball for the younger kids, computer class and In Motion football. We even offer evening care services for parents’ night out!

If you are looking for a new environment and ways to encourage your child to learn, grow and explore their curiosity, stop in and see us at the Children’s Enchanted Learning Center. You can visit our curriculum page to view our full philosophy on child care, or pay us a visit to meet with our directors who can answer any questions you might have.

2016 is a fresh start for all of us — give your child a fresh start, too, at Children’s Enchanted Learning Center! To learn more, give us a call at 281-991-3999 or start the enrollment process online now.