How To Help Your Children Make Friends This Summer

The summer is a great time for children to make new friends. With more time on their hands and tons of available activities, children can easily be brought together to find and build lasting friendships. As you enter into this season of opportunity, you should have a conversation with your child about friendship. Talk to… Read more »

Picking The Perfect Summer Vacation

Summer is almost here – just weeks away, which mean a plan for your family summer vacation will soon be in the works. With so many great locations and attractions throughout the country and the world, it can be a difficult choice when picking just one place to visit with your family. There are a… Read more »

Having a Safe Summer

Children look forward to summer all year long. Unfortunately, the reality is that summer is the season with the most accidents, scrapes, bruises and broken bones. Long summer days can lead children into dangerous situations or just bad luck. There are a few precautions parents and children can take to decrease the risks associated with… Read more »

Explore Spring: Activities For Children

The warm weather and blooming flowers of spring provide the perfect atmosphere for exploration. For young children, this is an opportunity to spend time outdoors learning and appreciating what nature has to offer. A great activity for children in the spring is a scavenger hunt. With a list of items to find and a marker… Read more »

It’s Never too Early to Encourage Socialization, Intelligence

We all want to encourage intelligence in our child. And knowing how to introduce this element of the inquisitive mind is crucial to a consistency of scholastics.   First and foremost, interacting with your child almost as an equal- intellectually, not behaviorally- encourages them to act more mature. This not only encourages brain growth, but… Read more »

Better Communicate with your Child to Encourage Success

Communication skills are fundamental to success in the real world. Encouraging these skills in your child allows them throughout their life to interact with and listen to other people in school, their profession and in social settings.     To perpetuate your child’s communication and listening skills, make an effort each day to engage in… Read more »

The Things Children Pick up From Their Siblings

A lot of learning goes on at home, in addition to at school. Children’s parents and teachers can help teach them to read, write, listen and more. But its their siblings who can teach basic skills beyond scholastics they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.   For starters, growing up with brothers and… Read more »