Have a More Enriching Experience With Extracurriculars

Do you want your child to be actively involved with other children their age? Do you want them to have unique academic and social experiences while they are still young? By participating in extracurricular activities, your child or children can gain an access to knowledge that is not necessarily taught during the school day, including cool activities and social engagement with their peers.

At Steadfast Academy, we offer many different activities for children of from six weeks old to roughly fifth-grade age. The activities here will give your child an experience that the everyday school day typically does not offer. Beyond the regular instruction and curriculum, we offer several different extracurricular activities that students can participate in as well. These extracurricular activities include:

  • Spanish Lessons: Take advantage of this opportunity to immerse your child in Spanish-speaking culture by having them begin learning a second language early in life.
  • Dance Lessons: Get your children moving by having them learn to dance! Students can interact with other children and learn to work as a team while developing their coordination and balance skills.
  • Tumble Bus: This mobile gym and tumbling bus gives children a great opportunity to participate in this unique experience. Kids can let out all of their energy when the Tumble Bus arrives – it’s like a playhouse on wheels!
  • Computer Classes: Whether we like it or not, computers and other forms of technology are becoming a way of the world. Homework assignments and tests are moving to becoming an online chore rather than a handwritten assessment. Help your child to get ahead and get them started on developing their computer skills that can help them throughout their lifetime
  • Parents Night Out: Need a night out with your spouse? Have some shopping to do? Leave your children to have fun and play with others while you enjoy a night where they will be taken care of with no worries.
  • In Motion Football and Tot Ball: Your children can learn how to play organized sports while having fun! In motion football and tot ball introduce kids to two of America’s classic and most popular sports in a friendly learning environment. Get your kids hooked on sports early with these options!

Extracurriculars are available on a rotating basis for an additional fee. To learn more about these options or to get more details on enrollment at the Steadfast Academy, contact us today by calling 281-991-3999!