Top Questions to Ask When Meeting with Your Child’s Teachers

Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Parent-teacher conferences are a great time to connect with your child’s teacher, gauge your child’s progress and address any issues or concerns. It helps to know exactly what to ask, so read on for some of the top questions to ask when meeting with your child’s teachers.

May I tell you about my child and my home?

Parent-teacher conferences are an opportunity to share information with your child’s teacher as well as ask questions. Let the teacher know about your child’s special needs, likes/dislikes and anything significant that may be going on in your home, like a move, a divorce or a new baby.

What have you noticed about my child’s learning style?

Your child’s teacher has observed whether the child is a visual learner, a verbal learner or learns by doing. Knowing this information can help you support your child at home and prepare him for kindergarten.

How is my child doing socially?

Asking this question can help you identify important issues, such as whether your child is bullying or being bullied, and whether she’s developing social skills by interacting with a variety of other children or is secluding herself from the group.

Have you identified any problems?

Your child’s teacher may have noticed issues, such as vision, hearing or motor problems, that are important to address.

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