What to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

What to Do When Your Child is Struggling in School

Bad grades happen. No matter how gifted your child is, chances are there is one test or one class they will do poorly in. However, when bad grades start to become a pattern, then it’s time to sit down and get to the bottom of what’s really going on. If your child is starting to struggle in school, then read these tips on how best to navigate the situation.

Talk, don’t assume

You may think you know what’s going on—laziness, disinterest, etc.—but chances are there’s a deeper issue to your child’s poor grades. So, instead of making assumptions, talk to your child or to their teacher to try and get to the bottom of what’s happening at school.

Limit distractions

Your child isn’t going to do their best if they’re watching TV while doing their homework. Distractions, especially digital ones, can have an adverse effect on how well our children perform at school. In that respect, it’s best to limit them as much as possible. Block off a specific time each night for your child to do their homework, then make sure there’s nothing in the room that could tempt your child to forget about their homework (phones, TVs, etc.).

Don’t be too strict

While you’re cutting down on distractions, you should make sure you don’t cut down too much. In other words, don’t think that your child can’t watch any TV at all, or that they have to sit in front of their homework 24/7. Instead, sit down with your child and try to create a routine that meets their specific strengths and preferences. This will make them feel like their opinion is valued, while also playing to what they can do best.

Work on organizational skills

When you’re disorganized, it’s tough to get stuff done. You’ll forget what you have to do, or you might lose assignments entirely. Children are the same way. If your child lacks organizational skills, then sit down and help them sort out all of their schoolwork. Start with forming a daily or weekly “to-do” list, then make sure all of their papers are properly sorted and labeled.

Contact the school

When all else fails, it’s best to contact your school in order to get to the bottom of what’s really happening. That way, you and the teacher can sit down and create a strategy to help your child better perform.  

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