5 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Writing Skills

5 Ways to Develop Your Child's Writing Skills

We write every day. While the majority of us may not be penning the next great novel, we are writing emails, filling out forms, and drafting papers. Even text messaging is considered a form of writing (albeit, a much more casual form). We need writing skills, now more than ever, and that’s why it’s so important to start developing those skills young. Here’s how:

Read up

“If you want to be a writer,” author Stephen King states, “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Indeed, reading can indirectly help your child learn to write, as it provides examples of what you should and shouldn’t do while writing. Encourage your child to read as many books as they can, incorporating a wide variety so that they can get a taste of different writing styles.

Create the time and space for writing

As King implies, in order to become a good writer, you must dedicate your time to writing. This doesn’t mean writing 24/7, but it does mean setting some time aside each day for practice. And, in order to get the most benefits, you’ll want to have a writing or study area where your child can practice undisturbed each day.

Encourage creative writing

The second thing that King suggests is to write a lot. While you could sit your child down in front of a bunch of writing worksheets, this can become dull over time. Instead, let their imagination run wild through creative writing. By crafting their own stories, your child will have fun while also practicing concepts they’re learning in school.

Write letters

If your child doesn’t take to writing stories (and not everyone does), they can instead practice their skills through letter writing. Start up a pen-pal system, or have your child write to relatives living out of town. While writing a physical letter can help your child with their penmanship, you can also have them write emails to practice their typing skills.

Practice grammar

If your child isn’t old enough to start writing letters or stories, then focus on the foundation of their writing skills—their grammar. Create flashcards, play games, or sing nursery rhymes to help your child learn how to spell words and craft sentences. This will help them when it comes time to writing sentences on their own.

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