Stress Management Tips for Kids

Stress Management Tips for Kids

We live in stressful times. From social media to family troubles to politics, there are a lot of stressors out there in the world. This is true for adults, but it is also true for kids. Children tend to be even more susceptible to noise and commotion than adults. Plus, due to their age, they are often ill-equipped to handle feelings of anxiety or stress.

If your child is struggling with stress, practice these techniques to get their stress levels back to normal:

Encourage them to talk to you

Sometimes, all your child needs is someone to talk to. Talking through their problems can not only help lift a weight off of their shoulders, but it can also provide some clarity to any recent problems that have cropped up. However, you shouldn’t push them to talk; just make it clear that you’re open and willing to discuss their problems if they so choose.

Reconsider their schedule

While we want our children to be involved, we do run the risk of overwhelming them. Take a look at their day-to-day schedule and ask yourself: do they have any downtime? Children need time to relax just as much as adults, and a few hours of free time can do wonders for their mental health.

Practice deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises can help us manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety including an increased heartrate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure. While it doesn’t tackle the problem itself, deep breathing exercises can calm your child down in the moment so that they can handle their problems with a clearer head.

Teach them how to deal with mistakes

One of the biggest things that stress kids out is the fear of making a mistake. While it’s great that they care so much, this level of perfectionism can be debilitating. Instead, teach them that it’s okay to make a mistake every now and then, and that they don’t have to do everything right all the time.

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