How to Help Your Shy Child

How to Help Your Shy Child

Some of us remember what it was like to be the shy child in the classroom. It wasn’t easy then, and it isn’t easy now as you’re watching one of your own children struggling with shyness. What’s important to remember, though, is that shyness is a completely normal behavior that everyone goes through. Certain people are just shyer than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The key to helping your shy child isn’t to cure their shyness, but to find ways to make them feel more comfortable and confident. Here are some ways you can go about it:

Give them time to get comfortable

Don’t throw your child into new situations. You might think this form of “tough love” will force them to get over their shyness, but in reality, it’ll just reinforce the idea that new people or situations are scary and meant to be avoided. Instead, give them time to get comfortable by showing them the location or meeting some of the people beforehand.

Don’t make them feel ashamed

As we said before, shyness is completely normal. While some parents see it as a problem to be fixed, shyness is actually something children are born with (to varying degrees). In that respect, when your child is feeling nervous about a playdate or some other event, let them know that their feelings are OK and nothing to be ashamed of. By accepting their feelings, they’ll be better able to cope with them.

Find the right day care or preschool program

Enrolling your child in a day care or preschool program is a great way for them to meet with kids their age and practice their social skills. Try to enroll them in a smaller program, as the fewer people there are the more comfortable your child will be. You should also notify the teacher of your child’s shyness so that they can create a plan to make them feel more at ease. Finally, as we stated above, you’ll want to give them time to get comfortable, so bring them to the program a few days before classes start to let them meet the teacher and get used to their surroundings.

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