The Things Children Pick up From Their Siblings

A Siblingslot of learning goes on at home, in addition to at school. Children’s parents and teachers can help teach them to read, write, listen and more. But its their siblings who can teach basic skills beyond scholastics they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.


For starters, growing up with brothers and sisters can teach your child tolerance. Surely each one of your children is different, with quirky traits that the others might not understand, but they learn to tolerate these behaviors and accept differences in others.


Siblings also teach each other conflict resolution. Living together, and sometimes even sharing a room, means children have to figure out between themselves how to solve the problem their having. Whether it is through compromise or collaboration, siblings learn how to make things right between them. Conflict resolution is essential for problem-solving and interpersonal relationships in the long run.


From their younger siblings, older siblings learn leadership right in the home. Being followed around by their little brothers or sisters and asked questions about things they do teaches older children patience and how to explain questions. Knowing that the smaller children look up to them, older kids also learn to be a role model and act responsibly when it comes to the decisions they make.


The more children you have, the more likely they are to learn and hone their negotiation skills. Over the years they will want to share, borrow and lend, all of which will have to be discussed verbally. To have and maintain a good relationship with their brother or sister, children will quickly learn how to ask nicely and how to return belongings to the owner when asked. This skill can positively affect sharing with other students as school all the way up to negotiating pay and benefits at a child’s first job.


Just from co-existing with their siblings, children can learn so many crucial skills. In addition to tolerance, conflict resolution, leadership and negotiating, they can also improve the way they support others and work in a team setting. Relationships with siblings can teach a child so much that will help them in school, at home and someday in the workforce for a happy, healthy and productive life.