Is My Child Ready For Preschool?

When a child turns four, one question on their parent’s mind is “should I send my child to a preK program?” Four is a very impressionable age and we understand it can be difficult for parents to trust their child’s well-being in someone else’s hands.

However, we are learning more and more how crucial preschool programs are for preparing the young generation for school and life in general. Before you make the decision to send your child to preschool, you have to ask yourself, “Is my child ready for preschool?”

Children who are ready to attend preschool are socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically ready. Knowing for sure if your child is ready for a structured environment away from home can be discussed with your partner, pediatrician and close relatives.

A few questions to ask yourself to guide you in the right direction for preschool include:

  • Is your child independent in terms of potty training, washing hands and eating lunch?
  • Has your child been able to cope with being away from you?
  • How does your child do with working independently? Do they know the basics of using scissors, paint and basic drawing/writing?
  • Do you feel your child could interact in a group setting? Preschool is very much about creating meaningful relationships.
  • Does your child have a routine or schedule at home? Most preschool programs are structured where children do have free choice.
  • Does your child require a nap every day?

Your child doesn’t have to ace every criteria above because preschool is the foundation for all that’s been mentioned. However, it’s a good idea to assess how well you think your child will adapt to a new environment.