Homeschooling Pros & Cons

WHomeSchooling hen electing to homeschool, there are a lot of aspects to consider. With so many advantages and disadvantages, exploring the possibility of homeschooling from all angles will give you insight to make the right decision for your child.


Educating your children from home, you can control what your children learn and how they learn it. As your child’s primary educator, you create the lessons and homework, overseeing every step in the schooling process. This also lends opportunity to have fun with teaching, showing your kid it can be fun and exciting.


Spending each day teaching your children also gives you the chance to create more deep and meaningful relationships. Teaching and learning together will bring you closer and offer a friendship or mentor-type relationship in addition to a parent-child interact. You will have to work together sometimes when a child is struggling and experience problem-solving together, strengthening your bonds.


A homeschooling environment is also much more flexible. If you feel your child needs to spend some time outside getting physical activity instead of spending another 30 minutes working on mathematics, you can make that choice. In the school system, children do what they are told at the same time each day without any variance.


Now on the other hand, there are some downsides to teaching your children at home. Homeschooling limits the child’s experience with socialization. They lack interaction with other children, which can cause social delays. Experiences with other adults is limited as well which can leave children ill-prepared for life after school when they must deal with professors or bosses.


As a parent and teacher you must also buy the necessary books, papers and instructional elements. You will also spend a lot more time researching lesson plans and reaching out to other homeschooling parents for advice than you might expect.


Whether you decide on homeschooling or sending your child to a public or private institute, be prepared home schooling requires many resources. Knowing how time consuming and costly home schooling, it’s up to you if the one-on-one attention you have with your student is worth the tradeoff. It also requires tons of energy on your part.