How to Deal with Preschool Separation Anxiety

How to Deal with Preschool Separation Anxiety

Beginning preschool is an exciting time for your child, but it can also be quite frightening. The transition to this stage of their education is often a rocky one, consisting of good days and bad days. One big problem that kids and parents may have to deal with is separation anxiety. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ensure that your little one has an easy changeover to preschool.

What is triggering their separation anxiety?

To begin, it’s important to find what exactly is triggering their anxiety when they leave for or arrive at preschool. Many children simply miss their mommy and daddy. Saying “goodbye” to their moms and dads can be the biggest challenge for most children. Convincing your child that he or she is okay, is in a great place and is going to have a great time, is the first step to reducing their discomfort. Seeing your happiness and relaxed demeanor will also help them to unwind and transition easily into this new environment.

Start slow

Another way to make the shift to preschool easier is to start slow. In other words, to start introducing them to all the aspects of preschool slowly, in a step-by-step manner. First, take them shopping for new school clothes. Letting them pick out some fresh items for their new adventure will help get them excited for what’s to come. Next, take them to see their new classroom and perhaps even meet their new teacher. Getting your child familiar with the new environment will allow them to be more comfortable on the first day. The new classroom won’t feel so scary and different when they enter it later on.

Give your child a photo of the family

If all else fails, sending your child with a photo of you and your family will make them feel more at home. Your preschooler will be able to look at the faces of those they admire and love whenever they get sad or discouraged. This will give them reassurance that mommy and daddy are always with them and cannot wait to see them after a fun day at school!

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