How Youth Sports Hone Hand-Eye Coordination

How Youth Sports Hone Hand-Eye Coordination

Almost all of us, at one time or another, tried our hand at youth sports. Whether it was basketball, tennis, football, or hockey, we participated in fierce competitions against our peers. Some of us were more successful than others. But no matter how good you were at your sport, you still honed certain hand-eye coordination skills that would help you later in life.

Why is hand-eye coordination important?

While each sport uses this coordination in a different way, overall the benefits will be enormous. Hand-eye coordination is necessary each and every day—pouring a glass of juice, folding clothes, etc. In the bigger picture, good hand-eye coordination can help your child in their future careers. Nurses, construction workers, and teachers are just a few positions that require impressive coordination. Starting to improve these skills at a young age give children the opportunity to become better and therefore reap the benefits.

High-Contact Sports


Playing basketball from a young age forces children to hone their hand-eye coordination skills. These skills are used in every aspect of the game: passing, shooting, and dribbling. The better an athlete wants to be, the more they will have to improve their coordination.


Playing football adds a more strategic and physical element to hand-eye coordination. A quarterback will have to use his arm and eyes to get that ball where it needs to be. Even defenders are forced to use hand-eye coordination to tackle an opposing player. Unlike basketball, which teaches more rapid, instantaneous coordination, football initiates a more methodical structure to this skill.

Low-Contact Sports

Some children don’t like contact sports, but don’t worry; they can still learn better hand-eye coordination in a sport like golf. In fact, this type of coordination is used throughout an entire round, from driving to putting. The player must focus on the ball, their swing as well as aiming accurately. The more often a child plays golf, the fewer times they will miss the ball.

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