Instilling Confidence in your Children

child_002Confidence is a component that should be addressed early on in a child’s life. Building this confidence up can be the key to your child’s lifetime of future happiness and metal health as well. All too often, we overlook the object of our kid’s self-esteem, thinking that maybe it’s just a phase and that they’ll grow out of it eventually. However, more times than not, this isn’t the case.



Self-image is how many kids perceive themselves in today’s society and the rest of the world grows accustomed to this notion because we look at others based off their image as well. Furthermore, how you look, how you feel, and overall how you see yourself on a day-to-day approach generally decides how you act throughout your life. There is nothing more that we want for our children than to grow up happy, healthy, and full of success, but this all starts from developing self-esteem.

This notion of confidence doesn’t have to be taken out of context either and be thought of as developing your child into a narcissistic or arrogant person. What parents should realize is that the level of confidence they want to instill in their children is so that they may walk through life knowing all of their strengths and weaknesses, and how they may enhance these qualities they’ve attained over time.

Enhancing this idea as a parent, you want to do as much as you can for your child to grow and boost their levels of self-reliance, as they grow older. Give them opportunities to practice and master different skills, and boost their spirits when they make mistakes along the way. Reward them with praise and excitement when they show off a new skill and remind them how incredible it is that they achieved a new goal. Hearing and seeing these acclaims will not only make them feel good and capable, but it will continually urge them to move forward in the same direction of accomplishment and lead them to the realization that they can definitely be successful.