How to Support Your Child’s Interests

How to Support Your Childs Interests

Healthy support is one of the best things you can offer a child. While it’s important to not be too controlling or overbearing, supporting your child’s interests will give them the positive reinforcement they crave and will help them gain confidence to further explore their interests.

Whether it be asking questions, doing research on your own or actively helping your child in their quest to learn more, there are many things you can do to create a healthy atmosphere of fun and learning.

Get involved, ask questions

One of the best ways to support your child’s interests is by getting involved and asking questions. This shows your child that what they’re interested in has merit, and this will many times inspire them to explore their passions even further.

If your child comes home from school and can’t stop talking about the new instrument they’ve been practicing or about a dinosaur they learned about in class, make sure to ask questions that show your legitimately interested in what they’re talking about.

Learn more on your own

If your child has begun to spend a large amount of time on one interest, you can do research on your own to get a better understanding of the topic. Whether it be to simply hold a conversation with your child or to answer any questions they may have about the more complex areas of their hobby, learning more on your own has an array of benefits.  

If you find good resources or interesting content while exploring, you can show it to your child and have a fun learning/bonding experience.

Help them explore further

Once you have learned more about your child’s interest, and it appears to be something substantial that will last, you can look for ways in which they can further explore. Whether it be signing them up for lessons/classes at school or in the community, finding a museum that has pieces of interest or anything in between, you have the ability to get them connected with things outside of the home that they will not be able to facilitate on their own.

Not only will they be learning more about what they’re passionate about, but they will be exploring new places, meeting new people, and becoming a more well-rounded individual.  

Find a good book

When it seems like your child has devoured every show or YouTube video about their favorite interest, has all the toys or accompanying accessories and still needs more information, a book can be a great learning tool.  

Depending on your child’s reading capacity, you can find them an age appropriate book that can teach them more about their new passion. With so many options at the click of a button, you’re sure to find a good book online. And if you feel like going old school, you can even take them on a fun adventure to your local bookstore.

Give positive reinforcement

As a parent, the best thing you can do is steer your child in the right direction. Although you don’t want to become the hovering parent that can do more harm than good, you can create positive reinforcement with your child by letting them know what they are doing is great and that they should keep it up.

You can give positive reinforcement by all the above methods, but sometimes it’s ideal to just come right out and say your proud of the passion that your child has shown in their interest.

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