Three Crucial Health Tips for Back to School

Back to School Health

The new school year has just begun, and it’s the perfect time to focus on your child’s health.

Here are some health tips for back to school:

Communicate with the school about your child’s health

Make sure teachers and administrators are aware of any chronic medical conditions your child might have, like asthma or epilepsy, and have a written plan of action in place in case your child becomes sick at school. Let school professionals know about your child’s prescriptions, especially if they need to be administered at school. Also let the school know if your child has any food, medication or environmental allergies.

Choose the right backpack

The wrong backpack can lead to neck and back strain, not to mention poor posture. Not all schools allow them, but a rolling backpack could help. If that’s not an option, get a well-fitting backpack with shoulder straps that are padded and adjustable to ensure a snug fit. Don’t let your child carry his or her backpack slung over one arm.

Start your child’s day the right way

A healthy breakfast will help your child stay alert in class, fight off infection and avoid obesity. Skip the sugary cereals and pastries and offer a mix of whole grains, proteins and fruits. For example, almond butter and a banana on whole-grain toast is a delicious and healthy option!

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