How to Help Your Child Pick the Right Instrument

How to Help Your Child Pick the Right Instrument

In our last blog post, we discussed how important it is for our kids to pick up an instrument. But part of learning an instrument is also enjoying said instrument. Picking the right instrument to play will ensure that your child not only falls in love with music but will also be playing for years to come. Here are some ways to get started:

Physical attributes

Your child won’t enjoy an instrument if they physically can’t play it. While many instruments (such as string instruments) have child sizes, others come only in one size. For instance, pianos will be difficult to play if your child has smaller hands, while a flute may be more manageable.

Note: If your child has their heart set on a big instrument, tell them to be patient. Most music teachers will start kids off with smaller, similar instruments and then switch kids over to the bigger instruments once they’re older. For example, if your child wants to play the bass, they will start off playing cello until they’re big enough to play bass.

Musical Interest

What kind of music is your child interested in? Do they sway along to a violin concerto? Or are they playing air guitar with their favorite rock band? As much as you may love the idea of a pianist in your family, you need to go with something your child will enjoy playing. If they don’t like the music, they won’t like the instrument.

Have a trial run

It’s hard to tell how much your child will enjoy an instrument until they actually start playing it. When you’re both ready, head to your local music store and have your child try out a few instruments. Then, take home the instrument your child enjoys playing the most. Most music stores allow you to rent instruments, so if your child changes their mind, you can easily return or exchange instruments.

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