Encourage Your Children to Read

parents reading with their childrenA love of reading has so many benefits. Not only is reading an enjoyable escape into the world of imagination, but it also helps to teach logical thinking skills and improve one’s vocabulary. Books can teach your children so many things and a love of reading will allow them to continue learning throughout their life. Reading to your young children is not only an enjoyable and relaxing activity you can do together, but it is also a way to help them succeed down the road.  Encourage your children to appreciate and enjoy books early in life to build a strong foundation for their future.

Read With Them

Encourage reading by reading to your children from a young age. Whether you read right after work or before bed, your kids will appreciate and enjoy this chance to learn, exploring the pages of their favorite books with you. As your children learn to read in school, ask them to share their new abilities with you, encouraging them as they go.

Ask Questions

There are so many great lessons that can be learned from books! Make reading an interactive activity by asking your child questions and encouraging them to think deeper about the characters, their emotions and their actions. Another great idea is to create games and crafts around the books your child loves. Help your kids act out a scene from their favorite story or make fun bookmarks to save your place.

Let Them Choose

Whether you take a trip to a bookstore or your local library, give your children the opportunity to pick out some books for themselves. Keep a fully stocked shelf of books at home and take turns choosing what to read each night. Reading is all about exploring your interested and learning more, so why not your child read as many dinosaur tales and princess stories as they want?

Stick to a Routine

Provide your children with a wealth of knowledge by making reading a part of their everyday routine. Choose a set time to sit down together each day and enjoy all that reading has to offer. This is especially important for children who are learning to read in school, as it will help them to improve their skills, making them excited and prepared for class.

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