WInter Fun for Children

Isnow childt’s that time of year again. After school, on the weekends and during breaks children are home and unable to spend time outside playing, learning and exerting energy. In living rooms and bedrooms children and parents have to find new activities to do. It’s crucial however that these activities not only entertain a child, but also educate them and help them hone important skills.


Luckily, there are a variety of wintertime activities that your children can do, or that your entire family can do during downtime that promote learning and will help them when they are in school again. A great first example is a puzzle. Depending on your child’s age, buying an appropriate puzzle can keep them occupied for hours. But instead of just sitting and watching the TV, as they build the puzzle they are learning things like patience, problem solving and matching skills.


Another great activity for a snowy day is to have an indoor picnic. Have your kids help you cook lunch so they can learn to follow directions. Stirring batters and building sandwiches can also help improve hand eye coordination. The best part of this activity is that after all the preparations and cooking, your kids can reap the rewards of all their (and your) hard work by eating the delicious foods.


For a role reversal activity, imitate school with your child, but make them the teacher. Have them teach you and show you want their favorite subjects are. Ask them to help you with a math problem, or for smaller children, have them read you a book. This is an interactive activity that can improve speaking skills and help show you as the parent what subjects your children are excelling at as well as where they might need help.


Winter days easily lend themselves to hours in front of the TV or days on end of video games. The problem is that these activities lack educational influence. It’s learning at home and in school that makes children the most successful. Constant learning keeps the brain developing and helps your children hone the skills the need for a successful educational experience.