Students in Child-Initiated Learning Programs Do Better in School

Early Childhood Education For the past several years – and probably even longer – many parents have been given the idea that the sooner you enroll your child into an academic-based school and/or child care program, the better off they’ll be in the long run. With the prices of college continually rising and the competition to be accepted into a prestigious school becoming increasingly difficult, it’s obvious why many parents place academic learning at the top of their priority list for their child’s schooling.

However, recent research indicated that placing such an emphasis on academics at an early age could actually affect your child negatively when compared to a child who attended a child-initiated play and learning program. A recent article in the Huffington Post made the argument that enrolling your child in a program that boasts the best academic program may not be what’s best for your child.

According to research by Challenge Success, a Stanford University organization that focuses on creating a healthy balanced life by reducing stress, children who were enrolled in highly academic programs at an early age suffered from higher stress levels. In turn, these students also earned significantly lower grades than their classmates who attended child-initiated preschool programs.

While we understand choosing an early childhood learning program for your child is a highly personal decision, there are many advantages of enrolling your child in a child-initiated play and learning program like those offered at Children’s Enchanted Learning Center. Your child will learn how to play with others, share and learn how to solve different types of problems. Your son or daughter will also learn lifelong skills like self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills and decision-making skills. And don’t think there won’t be any traditional academic learning – of course there will be! – it just won’t be the sole focus of your toddler and young child’s day.

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