4 Essential Life Skills to Teach Your Kids at a Young Age

4 Essential Life Skils to Teach Your Kids While They're Young

When your kids are making that awkward, anxiety-inducing leap into adulthood, the life skills that they learned while they were young will help them make it through mostly unscathed. Decision-making skills, time management, and even learning how to place food orders will come in handy both now and into the future.   

So, don’t wait. Get a jump start by teaching your kids these essential life skills earlier rather than later:   

Decision-making skills  

Good decision-making skills can help kids when they have to make those big choices, like where to go to college or what they’re major should be. Of course, you shouldn’t start off with such important decisions. Instead, start small. Ask them to choose what flavor of ice cream they want, or what color t-shirts they would like. Then, gradually give your kids more freedom by allowing them to make bigger and bigger decisions.  

Cooking and meal prep  

When kids head off to college, many of them don’t know the basics of cooking. Some will never learn. If you don’t want your kids relying on fast food joints their whole life, start teaching them some cooking skills young. Have them prepare their school lunches, and, as they get older, encourage them to help you out in the kitchen.  

Time management  

We all know that awful feeling of leaving something until the last minute. To spare your children from this headache, teach them time management skills early on. Show them how to create a calendar or schedule, and then encourage them to take on tasks sooner, rather than later, by rewarding them when they finish something early.  

Cleaning and laundry  

Having our kids do some chores helps relieve some of our duties, but it can also teach them vital skills. Namely, it’ll get them in the habit of regularly cleaning their living areas and doing laundry as opposed to living in a pigsty their whole lives.  

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